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My granddaughter texted me the other day all excited about this wonderful place she had discovered.

This place had on-line resources, ebooks, craft tutorial videos and it even had actual resource books.

Best of all it was all free.

She jokingly called it a life changing experience.

Yes, she had discovered a library and all that it had to offer.

This is a young woman who has always depended on the internet for any of her research needs, so visiting the library was a real eye-opener for her.

I think it would be an eye-opener for me too.

Libraries have really changed since my school days.

Back then the library had nothing but books to offer you.

True, there were all kinds of books for whatever you needed from the most complicated research to a romantic fairy tale.

Now, they have so much more to offer a community.

Some might say that the internet can give you anything that a library can.

Maybe, but the library can give you something that the internet will never be able to – a live person.

The librarian is there for you.

If you know what you are looking for, she can guide you to the right section and if you are not sure, she can suggest ideas for you.

It is amazing how many more ideas you can come up with when you have someone to brainstorm with.

Sometimes two heads really are better than one.

The librarian can even let you know when a new book by your favourite author will be coming to the library.

This is wonderful when you are in the middle of a series.

Libraries are great for senior citizens too. They can help a grandmother keep in touch with distant family members with email and basic computer use.

You can even borrow their books with an ebook. The librarian can help you set that up so you can still get your favourite books even when it is the coldest days of winter.

What I like the most about libraries is their reading programs for children.

They help children discover the magic of reading, the places that the words can take them, the friends they can meet, and the adventures they can have. In books the possibilities are endless.

It is sad to say but libraries now are not getting the respect and support they deserve.

Support your local library, help them with their fundraisers, donate books to their book sales and buy at the sales.

Go and visit your library. You might be surprised at what it has to offer.

Take your children to the library.

Give them the magical ‘kingdom of books’.


by Lois Perepelitz

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