Low hanging fruit

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Dear Editor,

The following opinion is in response to the Editorial which appeared in the Jan. 2, 2020 ECA Review edition, titled ‘Misplaced faith.’

In 2016, the American People were faced with one of the most difficult and controversial decisions the general public had probably ever faced.

Whether or not to vote for Hilary Clinton, a woman, whose values were very questionable, who declared anyone who did not vote for her was in the class of being a deplorable person and that the system of religious beliefs and worship in the United States needed to be overhauled.

This last campaign objective was the basis of many so-called evangelicals voting for Donald Trump Franklin Graham quickly contacted numerous churches and groups in order to urge them to vote for Trump rather than Clinton.

Why was that?

Mainly because Trump had not threatened one of America’s most cherished constitutional rights commonly known as the First Amendment whose first article is Freedom of Religion.

Contrary to what many think or have said or written, Donald Trump has offered more safety and security for all those whose belief is anchored in God and His Son, Jesus Christ than most of us realize.

There is no doubt that Trump may have picked the low hanging fruit when he decided to befriend the Christian community but over the last two to three years he has stood on the side of anti-abortion, the freedom of all to refuse to support lifestyles that contradict God’s Word and His support of Israel and the Jewish population of the USA is unparalleled.

I find it rather odd that anyone would characterize the faith of true believers as something unknown and unseen.

Although it is true no one has ever seen God when Christ came in human form He was seen by many, many people who observed the miracles He performed and listened to the message He gave.

All this is recorded for us in God’s Word, the Bible.

This book also tells us, “The Heaven’s declare the glory of God” and creation itself certainly speaks to our hearts and minds as to the wonder of all of that He has created.

As to the complexity of our belief, I guess the best quote I can give regarding this would be what Mark Twain said many years ago when asked what he thought about God’s Word.

It went something like this, ‘It is not what I can’t understand in the Bible that bothers me, but what I can understand.’

Pastor Alastair Begg’s, answer to this is: “The main things are the plain things and the plain things are the main things.”

When the average church goer ignores or disbelieves the message of the Bible, they can be very susceptible to men and women who twist and turn that message in order to suit their own agenda which may or may not be political.

This is the great tragedy of our society rather than what other so called religious groups have or are engaging in throughout the world.


Faye Pearson

Stettler, Alta.

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