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Dear Editor,

Please send us a subscription to the Review.  We love to read it each week, lots of information and news.

Really nice to receive now that we are at home.

George Standing

Hanna, Alta.


Enjoy paper

We enjoy your paper with its “area” news. Most of all, we appreciate your “Christian” perspective.

Thank you for recognizing that not everyone has computer access.

Please enroll us for a symbolic subscription.

Philip Baker

Hanna, Alta.


Really enjoy editorials

We really enjoy the Editorials.

Good job.

Larry Wilson

Stettler, Alta.


We received your magazine year-long forever and took it for granted: Thanks.

This came to an end quite suddenly.

We like your paper so much, we decided to subscribe, especially Herman Schwenk, to a lesser degree, B. Schimke opinion, have grown on us.

Please  take our one-year subscription and let us have your paper in our mailbox again.


Herbert & Gerda Mueller

Donalda, Alta.


Look forward to paper each week

We look forward to your paper every week and have had the privilege of it being placed in our mailbox.

Here are the funds towards a symbolic subscription.

Best regards,

Harvey and Sandra Sutherland

Alix, Alta.


We have appreciated receiving the Review for many years. Please continue the great work and accept this cheque for our subscription.

Carolyn Fetaz

Castor, Alta.


Best read

Thank you for making this effort to keep your newspaper viable to all.  We would certainly miss it. It is the best read for us locally. Enclosed find a cheque for a symbolic subscription.

Tom  and Helen Marshall

Hanna, Alta.

Need and appreciate

We need and appreciate your efforts in your paper. Thank you for your service!

Judy Mcdonald


Great paper

Thanks for your great paper. I look forward to it every week.


Wayne Rushton

Stettler, Alta.

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