Lougheed Council allocates funds

Jennifer Chernishenko
ECA Review Reporter

The grant-funded capital projects for the Village of Lougheed were approved at the council meeting on August 23. Projects included the Capital work at the water treatment plant, road repairs and sidewalk replacement.  Council also approved the decision for CAO Alan Parkin to go ahead and apply for a Fire Services and Emergency Preparedness Program grant so they can do a regional municipal disaster exercise in Lougheed next spring. The grant to be applied for is $4,000. The purpose of the exercise is so that Lougheed can practice its emergency preparedness plan and then review it to make any necessary changes.

Additionally, the distribution of Recreation Funds received from Flagstaff County was decided. Going towards the Lougheed walking path is $1,500. The path is designed to help promote heart health and active lifestyles. The rest of the money, $1,755.91, is going to the Community Society (Hall).

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