Lost a sense of reality

Dear Editor,
A while ago I had made up my mind that I would neer write about issues again!  Why, because it does no good except to make a person feel better so that it doesn’t bottle up inside.
Well the Nov. 8 letters and columns in the ECA Review pushed me to get it off my chest.
It has been said governments might have lost all sense of reality.  It has been a long time since anyone in government lived in the real world.  CARBON TAX!!!  Just that, another tax grab to line their pockets and pensions.
It won’t change any climate or help any persons. Law upon law and regulations on top of restrictions that do nothing but make people’s lives unbearable. Environmentalists. That’s a big one, even bigger than government living in the real world.  Neither one does.  It says in the letter about the people expropriated out of the British Block, and then the horses were expropriated out.
The horses were supposedly damaging the environment. I don’t know what the people were damaging.
I do know the tanks, land mines, chemical tests and fires sure do damage in the British Block.  The shrapnel from these tests is tremendous.
I know first hand, as I was one small cog in the centennial cattle drive.  “I saw.”
Now as I rode with a fellow on the third day and visited, it was revealed to me why the horses went out.  Get some quacks to say the environment was damaged, and get them out.
This fellow said, thank goodness we got those horses out, as it would have been impossible to do the centennial drive with studs running at large.  “Helloo !!”
Oh, oh, put elk in the British Block that came from a TB, Brucellosis and wasting disease area.  Dump them in there, as we need grazers.
Looks like the elk are damaging the environment and ranchers, all in one package. It is hard to believe that these people are so out of touch with reality that they can even east breakfast.
Well, I have replies in black and white from agriculture ministers and ivestock specialists stating it is not up to them to do anything about issues.
When the do gooders and environmentalists convinced the US Government to close their horse processing businesses, it was a sad day.
Horse owners, breeders and horses suffered from then on.  The horses were then shipped to Mexico and Canada.  100,000 horses to Canada a year to process!  This is statistics from CFIA, the government saftey department for the environment and our health.
When petitions to stop the horses coming into Canada, the Federal Minister of Agriculture said it was not up to him.
Horse breeders and owners were to hire a lawyer and try to stop this. Two replies confirm this.
I thought we paid him to do a job for livestock issues.
When people take an animal, declare it a breed, and produce a false registration paper on this animal, it is  supposed to be illegal.  The Pedigree Act of Canada says this is illegal.
Now after a few years of distributing this livestock around to unsuspecting people, the scam is uncovered.
When the government livestock divisions were asked to do something about this, you guessed it!  The answer was nothing could be done, so their advice was, hire a lawyer and the people who were conned should prove it.
This is why I write this, upon reading cattle quarentines, back to environmentalism. All above mentioned, comes full circle to the huge issues livestock producers are facing at the present time.  If government, and do gooders would have listened to people who make their living and live in the real world, this probably would not have happened.
I believe it was Yellowtone Park in the US that recevied some buffalo and some elk and some disease broke out.  The control was to get some wolves to clean up the sick.  Oh, wolves in the British Block.  Probably the answer from the higher ups will be, can’t do anything about it.  Hire a lawyer, and  do it yourselves.
The new President of the US may reopen the horse plants and stop those diseased cattle from coming into their country.  The oil will flow through the XL Pipeline and these decisions will make American great again.
These are his works and I don’t think he likes do gooders or environmentalists. I guess that scenario may unfold.  Someone may have to hire a lawyer to do something.
All from radical ideas from people who don’t know where their food comes from.
Arnold McKee,
Oyen, Ab.

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