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One has to wonder if Preston Manning isn’t behind the current scheme to unite the right under Jason Kenney. It would certainly not be surprising as it was Manning’s failed scheming that brought Danielle Smith and Jim Prentice together, and the subsequent victory of Rachel Notley.

It seems quite ironic that Manning and his gang are so anxious to unite the right. He was the brain child behind the creation and evolution of the Reform Party which smashed the “big umbrella” right apart and reduced the Progressive Conservatives to only two seats in the House of Commons in 1993.

Give Stephen Harper his due, as a far right leader he successfully brought the right together for a decade. Yet his governance required dictatorial control which led to misstep after misstep and the eventual stunning victory by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A far right successor to Stephen Harper appears to be highly unlikely as all the current Conservative federal leadership candidates lean more to the middle than the far right.

Jason Kenney, seeing the writing on the wall federally has now named himself the saviour of the right in Alberta.

Kenney has chosen to come into Alberta and declare that he will run for the Progressive Conservatives when, in fact, his ideology puts him squarely in the Wildrose camp.
Of course, he’s planning a coup and I have little doubt Preston Manning is behind this one, no lest transparent than his last attempt.

Their story has been written.

First, Kenney will win the Progressive Conservative leadership and then swoop up the Wildrose Party and become the new lord of the right.

His actions, his arrogance is so wrong on so many fronts.

First, he is not a progressive and has already said if he wins the PC leadership, he would immediately dismantle the “progressive”.

Second, if he wins the PC leadership he would immediately negotiate a marriage with the Wildrose

Party and run for the leadership of his new party.

This sickening attempt by Jason Kenney is a complete insult to both Progressive Conservative and Wildrose Party members. It is a particular affront to Brian Jean, the Wildrose MLAs and their party members who have faithfully stuck together through the Danielle Smith betrayal and went on to become the Official Opposition despite everything.

Let’s hope both Progressive Conservative and Wildrose grassroots members will tell Jason Kenney and his behind-the-scenes power brokers just where to go!

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