Looking to give water truck new life

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

Paintearth County Public Works is looking to give new life to their ailing water truck. County council passed a motion, during their regular meeting on Septmember 25, to direct administration to pay up to $50,000 to the lowest bidder to replace the truck’s tank.   The current water truck, according to Assistant Public Works Superintendent Bryce Cooke, is currently unserviceable due to rust. While the tank itself is beyond repair, the truck, as well as the existing pump assembly, is still in good condition and can accommodate a new tank.

Two out of three tenders have been received by the county from outfitters across Alberta. The two bids received thus far range from $46,000 to $49,000, a figure that council is using as a basis for the bid’s final approval.
According to Cooke, time is of the essence in getting the work done. Cooke told Paintearth Council that Public Works would like to get the work started “as soon as possible.”  A 10 per cent deposit to the winning bidder is required to secure the tender, and allow work to begin on the installation. As it stands now, the truck won’t be completed until the spring, due to backlogs in ordering the tank and equipment from suppliers.
Public Works is seeking a rubber-lined 3800 gallon tank, which would allow containing both water and calcium chloride. The new truck will also include fittings to allow use by the fire department as a water tender.   Replacing the truck outright will cost the County upwards of $160,000.

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