Looking to appoint members to Assessment Review Board

Written by Sarah Baker

Coronation council discussed the appointment of members to the Assessment Review Board at the June 27 regular meeting of council.

The board, which was established at the June 13 meeting, will have up to 15 members that can be either appointed by council or express a desire to join.

These members will serve one-year terms to prevent stagnation.

Members can also be non-residents of Coronation.

CAO Quinton Flint will take the position as clerk since he has completed the proper training for the position. A representative from council or someone with the proper training will be required to sit on the board.

A four-day course will be required for the councillor who is appointed for the position.

Coun. Mark Stannard will be appointed as the selected councillor and will also serve on the Composite Assessment Review Board.

CAO Flint will inquire with former councillor, Jackie Brigley to see if she is interested in the position. Council will also advertise with the public to find new members.

Water penalties
A resident has requested to council to have the penalties on their water bill waived.

The property  experienced a major water break with water fees costing $5,000 alone.

The resident requested the penalties for February, March, April and May which cost $452.46 to be waived as they do not have the financial means to pay for the cost of the repairs.

Council moved to agree to waive the penalties on the stipulation that the resident continue to make payments on the water fees

Pro-Rodeo parade
Coronation Pro-Rodeo has confirmed the route of the parade that will take place July 9.

The goal of this route is to make it visible and accessible to as many seniors as possible. Pro-Rodeo committee has also requested that Mayor Checkel lead the parade.

Council moved to approve the parade and the route that was proposed.

Help from town requested
Council moved to approve the request by the Coronation Agricultural Society to have town staff help with the setup of the bullarama event.

A letter from the Coronation Agricultural Society has requested town staff support for the cleanup and to deliver equipment to the rodeo grounds.

In the correspondence, they have asked if it were possible for the town workers to help clean the bathrooms in the curling rink. They also requested help to bring bleachers, sand and barricades for the event.

Town staff have assisted in the preparation for the Coronation Fair and previous bullarama events.

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