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Dear Editor,

As such, I’ve always been able to interact with my elected members in the past. I’ve been a guest of my then MP in the Parliament dining room, I’ve had short-notice meetings with Alberta Cabinet ministers and the various MLA’s who have represented to me in the Legislature in Edmonton.

Never has a question, a letter or an email not been answered, and even if I didn’t like the answer, I always got an answer. This is important; I ALWAYS got an answer.

That has changed with the current MLA, Rick Strankman who now represents me.

I am his constituent and a member of his party, one that is currently having a nomination battle here in the new riding of Drumheller-Stettler. MLA Strankman was one of the UCP sitting members who did not do his job he was elected to do, and that represents us IN the Legislature on all issues.

He and his UCP colleagues walked out during the debate and vote on Bill 9.

I’ve heard the excuse given that the government side was: “… extremely rude and belligerent and just acting very unparliamentary in there, I would say, and we’re refusing to participate in that”, according to MLA Angela Pitt.

This, as General Schwarzkopf so famously once said, is pure “Bovine Scat”.

I’ve read Hansard, the official transcripts of debate in the Legislature, and nothing could be further from the truth.

I don’t like to be lied to, and the UCP lied to us the members, the public, and constituents.

On June 30, MLA Rick Strankman was in Big Valley as the Lt. Governor was there for an event. I approached him advising I would like to talk to him about that walkout, and he avoided even acknowledging me.

Since that time, I daily asked him the question on Twitter, expanding that to including Jason Kenney to encourage MLA Strankman to answer my question.

Apparently, this is not conducive to democracy, as some UCP MLA’s, including Whip Jason Nixon, have blocked me since I started that questioning.

MLA Strankman refuses to answer the question.

It is a legitimate question as to why he, as my MLA, did not represent me in the Legislature. I expect my elected officials to do the job we elect them for, and if we have a question, to answer us.

We may not like the answer, but an answer is expected, should be expected, and if an elected official refuses to engage with a constituent, that elected official does not deserve to be re-elected.

We, in the Drumheller-Stettler constituency, have choices. If you are a UCP member, Nathan Horner and Todd Pawsey are your alternative choices.

If you are not a UCP supporter, obviously there are other parties, with the

Alberta Party perhaps being the closes conservative light entity, as options. Regardless of which candidate or party you support, Rick Strankman does not deserve to be nominated to the UCP, and if he is nominated, to be re-elected. He is not a capable representative.


Andy von Busse

Big Valley, Alberta

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