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Addison Charbonneau, Grade 4 student at Theresetta School in Castor, Ab., decorated her Easter eggs on Holy Thursday, April 13. ECA Review/Submitted

It has been a busy month so far at Theresetta. The staff and students had many days off in the first few weeks of April due to a Professional Development day, and Easter holidays.
Before the four day Easter weekend, the grade 5 – 9 students enjoy the long standing tradition of celebrating the end of Lent by participating in Seder Meal.
The junior high students helped explain all of the details of Holy Week and explained why there were certain tradition foods to be eaten at Seder Meal. Students enjoyed the presentation and the meal.
After learning about the Ukraine the grade 3/4 class dyed Easter eggs on Holy Thursday.
The Junior drama class has been working very hard on their year end plays. This year there will be two short plays. One is a spoof of Little Red Riding Hood and the other is an original play written by the drama class. The original play is called “Theresetta’s Bachelor”. Both plays are for an audience of all ages and will be performed for the public on June 22.
The Junior High Makerspace/Robotics/Coding class had Cliff Wold come in to speak about the background steps and development of electronic devices, how they are designed, the thoughts which are put into them.
Wold is an electrical engineer who works with Arrow Electronics, designing components and devices. Mr. Wold brought a basic electronic board he designed for students and they attached the devices necessary to have it function as a simple, inexpensive gaming console.
The students enjoyed the hands on activity of actually building a device.
On Thursday, April 20, the Junior High Students Union hosted another Spirit Day and dressed up as twins for the day! It was very entertaining to walk down the halls and see all the students that took the time to coordinate with their friends.
The students and staff have enjoyed the “Hallway of Happiness,” as part of the Wellness Program, which encourages them to not just walk in the hallway, but follow what the action posters tell them to do, such as skip down the hallway or high five all the people you pass in the hallway.
Also, the school has enjoyed a couple “Drop Everything and Dance” activities. This is where a song will randomly start playing over the school’s intercom during a class and everyone has to go out to the hallways and dance together for the length of the song. Students, and staff, have enjoyed taking the brain break to bust a move!
The Wellness Program has also started a “Move your Mood Family Challenge.”
Each week, for the eight weeks, a challenge is sent out to the school families. They are to complete this weekly challenge and send a picture to Miss Rachar of them doing the activity. Their name is then entered into a draw each week for a chance to win a prize!
Theresetta and Gus Wetter schools are hosting an joint upcoming badminton tournament with all teams that are participating this year in CARA are invited to attend on April 26. Games will be happening at both Theresetta’s and Gus Wetter’s gyms simultaneously.

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