Long-serving Hughenden School librarian retires

Teresa Motley, the Hughenden school librarian will retire this school year after 44 years.

Motley started working at the Hughenden Public School (HPS) in 1972 as an instructional assistant however after two years of service added librarian to her role and successfully balanced both duties for the next 42 years.

When asked about her retirement, Motley said that she “will miss the students and trying to find books they would enjoy as well as visiting with staff”.

Motley said she also enjoyed checking books in and out, finding new books that students would love, preparing new materials for use in the library and checking for available accelerated reader quizzes.

During an interview with HPS students she said that one of her favourite memories while working at HPS was having a new library to setup and organize following the modernization of the school, and of course reading to her grandchildren once they started attending HPS.

Motley’s retirement plans include relaxing and travelling as well as spending time with her family.

HPS Highlights

Pizza party for reading
by Kjersti Congdon, Maddie Long, Berit Cuthbert, Ethan Dambrowsky, Layne Motley, Lucy Lee, Erin Johnson and Chloe Sayer 

For the month of December the elementary and junior high students of Hughenden Public School (HPS) competed for the most accelerated reader points.

Points are achieved by reading books. The classes with the most points received a pizza party during lunch hour.

In elementary, the Grade 5 class won with an average of 13.78 points. In junior high the Grade 9 class won with a total of 262.8 points.

Cats Corner
Cats Corner is a program run by Wainwright on Wellness for Junior and Senior High students. The program offers “after school” activities designed to promote camaraderie and school spirit.

Some of the activities include scavenger hunts, dodgeball, hide and go seek throughout the school and watching movies.

There are around six students that attend regularly and all HPS students are welcome to attend.

‘Pawsitive reinforcement
“Pawsitives” were created to recognize and reward students who have demonstrated positive behaviour and good deeds throughout the school.

Pawsitives are paw-shaped papers on which the name of a student and the specific positive action for which that student is being acknowledged for is written.

They are awarded by a staff member who has noticed a positive behaviour. The paws are entered into a draw and at the end of the month two paws are drawn for the purpose of awarding students with a prize.

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