Local man waits on donor list but remains hopeful

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ken farwellKen Farwell of Beiseker, Alberta lives with a vascular disease called Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). It affects blood circulation in his body.
His story began when he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. After living with diabetes for 21 years his kidneys began to fail and he was forced to undergo dialysis in Calgary, Alberta and could no longer live at his home in Inuvik, North West Territories.
Farwell’s diabetes worsened and caused severe blood circulation problems in his left leg. After two bypass surgeries and pain too severe to manage in his left leg, Farwell made the decision to have his left leg amputated.
Farwell never saw a specialist until he experienced severe problems. Farwell said management of his diabetes from the onset could have impacted the course his health took.
Farwell is currently on a kidney transplant list. He has been on this list for eight years.
“I have a strong feeling I will receive a donor come Christmas time,” said Farwell.
Farwell’s optimism is due in part because he has hope and faith but also because of a new centre being built at the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary, Alberta designed specifically for people with vascular diseases.
The new centre in Calgary, which is predicted to open in 2014, will be one of two centres in Canada and the only centre in Western Canada offering a high level of care for people with vascular diseases. The only other centre is at Toronto General Hospital.
The centre will give those living with vascular diseases the tools and resources needed to manage the progression of vascular conditions from the initial onset of diabetes and other risk factors. Something Farwell says he wished he had when he first was diagnosed with diabetes and PAD .
Farwell is the son of Vinny and Josephine Farwell of Beiseker, Alberta, who were formerly from the Coronation area. Two of Farwell’s brothers, Mervin and Larry still live in Coronation.
For more information on the new vascular centre being built in Calgary visit www.calgaryhealthtrust.ca.

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