Local girls let their hair down for cancer

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

Paying tribute to a family member who lost their battle with cancer can take on a whole new meaning when it serves to help someone else.
This was foremost in the minds of two Coronation girls who managed to raise $1200 in memory of their great uncle. The two girls took part in the Canadian Cancer Society’s ‘Cuts for Cancer’ program, which raises donations of money and hair to provide wigs to young cancer patients.

Frank Manning, who passed away this summer, was known as an expert rancher and loving family man. It was in his memory that motivated the two Coronation School students to publicly get their hair cut on Tuesday, November 27 in the atrium of Coronation School in front of their entire school.
“Your hair will always grow back but some people don’t have the choice,” said 14-year-old Jessica Kuziw, who grew out her hair for several months in anticipation of the event. “It’s a good cause.”
Jessica’s younger sister Vanessa went one step further. After local hairstylist Cassie Resch snipped off the 12-year-old’s ponytail to the cheers of her schoolmates, Resch picked up a set of electric clippers and reduced Kuziw’s blonde locks to fine stubble.
When asked what it was like to be bald, the young girl’s response was “awesome!”
The two girls were able donate about a foot and a half of hair to the program. It takes twelve donations of unbleached, unprocessed one-foot ponytails of hair to create just one wig, which costs $1200 to make.

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