Local elections, councillor accountability: Have your say

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Albertans can now access two online surveys on how to improve election processes and accountability for locally elected officials at https://www.alberta.ca/local-elections-and-councillor-accountability-engagement.

Municipal councils are an important part of democracy and have a direct impact on all Albertans. To strengthen the local election process and improve trust in locally elected officials, Alberta’s government is seeking input from the public and stakeholders on the Local Authorities Elections Act and the Municipal Government Act.

Input from the surveys, open until Dec. 6, will help inform potential changes to the two acts.

Any input gathered will build on feedback collected in 2021 and 2022 regarding local elections and councillor accountability.

After every municipal election cycle, Municipal Affairs reviews the Local Authorities Election Act and the Municipal Government Act to see if any changes are necessary.

In addition to gathering input from the public, Alberta’s government is seeking input from municipal administrations, municipal associations and locally elected officials.

The Local Authorities Election Act survey asks questions related to how local elections are conducted, including advance voting, voter eligibility and the involvement of political parties at the local level.

The Municipal Government Act survey asks questions on topics related to the accountability and transparency of locally elected officials, including disqualification rules, monetary conflicts of interest, disclosure of information and required training for councillors.

Quick facts
The Local Authorities Election Act establishes the framework for the conduct of elections in Alberta municipalities, school divisions, irrigation districts and Metis Settlements.

The Municipal Government Act includes rules governing the conduct of elected officials once on council, including code of conduct requirements and councillor disqualification.


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