Local curler’s talents recognized

Brad Schroeder hangs up awards on wall at home
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Local curler's talents recognized

Brad Schroeder hangs up “Rookie of the Year” and “Most Improved” plaques on walls at home.

Local curler, Brad Schroeder won Augustana University’s Rookie of the Year award at Colour Night on April 13, 2013.
You read it right, a curler!
Schroeder was the first curler to ever win Rookie of the Year at Augustana University in Camrose.
He was presented with this award in part because of his role as skip in helping to win first place for his team, the Augustana Vikings, at the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference provincial championship in Olds, March 2 – 3.
In the championship game, the Augustana Vikings battled head to head against the Lakeland College Rustlers, a team they had never defeated before. It was a tight game but with great shot making from the team, it was Schroeder’s last rock that sealed the win.
In Grade 12 Schroeder played on Coronation School’s competitive curling team–but not as the skip, rather, he played third.
So how did Schroeder end up playing skip on his university’s curling team?
Well, for starters, he tried out.
This shocked his parents Julie and Greg Schroeder.
“We asked him why he was trying out for skip,” said Julie Schroeder. “He had never skipped before but we knew if he really put his mind to it, he could do it.”
And his parents couldn’t have been more right. Their son’s go-getter attitude won his team the title of “provincial gold medalists”.
As for Schroeder himself, he’s stayed very humble about his winnings but noted that winning Rookie of the Year was the “highlight of my life.”
Schroeder is home for the summer working at the Coronation Golf Course but will be back for fall semester at Augustana University in September. He is studying political science and is minoring in psychology.

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