Little Spikers

Some of the Hughenden Public School Little Spikers training group, from the left, Anna Mackie, Cinniah Almberg, Georgia Swanson, Piper Pearson and Gracie Currier. ECA Review/K. Chisan
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Some junior and senior high students in Hughenden Public School are now giving an opportunity for elementary students to improve their volleyball skills.

Every second Thursday in the school gym at lunch, a group of students teach young athletes the basic skills and practice developing their competency.

William Stringer, a Grade 11 student in Hughenden and the spearhead of Little Spikers, says that there is a whole group of older students that “love the game more than anything and just want younger athletes to find friendship in the sport like they did.”

Some elementary students that are a part of Little Spikers say that they are learning new skills such as how to set and how to pass.

Little Spikers is teaching young athletes basic skill development and teamwork.

The program has been going on for about three months, and the students helping with the program want their younger peers to learn friendship, team building, and the love for the game.

Before the program started, some high school students wanted to encourage younger kids to try new things, and Little Spikers is what they decided on. This program is not only helping elementary students, it’s also helping the high school and junior high.

Cameron Stringer, a Grade nine student and a volunteer instructor in the program, said, “It teaches him patience.”

Overall, the elementary students are thrilled to be playing volleyball with their friends and that they get to be learning different things each lesson and can’t wait until they are in junior high to play competitively.

by Kendall Chisan And Kaleigh Mann

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