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Dear Editor,

We are disappointed to report that the Halkirk Short Line Museum has been forced to cease operations due to the loss of access to our space in the “Mini Arena” in Halkirk and the subsequent sale of our possessions by the Village of Halkirk.

The future of the Halkirk Short Line Museum is very bleak indeed.

The Museum was opened in 2012 as part of the villages’ centennial celebrations and has been operated on a volunteer basis as a community resource for the benefit of all in the village and visitors as well.

The Museum was forced to close due to pandemic restrictions in 2020 and has remained closed. During the period of closure, the Village required us to vacate the premises and subsequently sold the possessions of the Foundation including trains, trackage, control equipment and displays at auction.

These actions have effectively ended the existence of the Museum and committed the decades long efforts of many volunteers to the rubbish heap.

Whilst we acknowledge that efforts on both sides of this equation could have been handled differently, these recent events have spelled the unfortunate termination of the Museum, begun by community volunteers for the benefit of the community.

A general meeting of the Foundation membership will be convened in the New Year to determine the future course of the Foundation.

Grey Myles, president

Halkirk Prairie Short Line Museum Foundation

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