Lift restrictions, end lockdown and the mask mandate

Dear Editor,

Let me add my voice to the growing number of Albertans who have and continue to contact their MLAs and health officials in regards to the restrictions the Government of Alberta has imposed upon us as a result of the Corona Virus.

Enough is enough. The lockdowns need to end, the mandatory masking needs to end, each and every restriction should be lifted.

The government claims to have a plan but there is really nothing to back up this plan so it is time to end it all and open up Alberta.

Stand up for what is right. 

Albertans are hurting as a direct result of being shut in their homes, forced to cover their faces and threatened with sanctions for even visiting with their own family. 

This is insane. What kind of a world is this for our children to be raised up in?

I am at retirement age and I still work in health care. I have looked after the elderly and I have helped to nurse them back to health after a COVID outbreak. 

Guess what, they all made it except for one. They are well past their life expectancy yet they survived. 

COVID is not killing them but fear, isolation and restrictions on their activities will.

I can safely say that most of us are tired of the platitudes and we would like to get back to living our lives. 

Unless this government can prove that the threat of COVID makes it necessary to shutter our businesses, throw people into unemployment and bankruptcy, cause despair to the point of suicide, divide families and ruin relationships; then it is time to admit that Alberta needs to be free from those restrictions that have ruined people’s lives and forever changed the way we look at one another.

This is not the new normal, this is a manipulation of facts and figures and a pretty good spin on how to respond to a pandemic. 

If it truly is a pandemic then why was the Alberta Pandemic Influenza Plan not implemented? 

Why did Alberta have to come up with a different response to COVID when there was already a plan in place?

Albertans are too sophisticated to actually buy what is being sold to them right now. 

This government and the Chief Medical Officer of Health are sadly out of touch with what we think, with what we need and with how we want to be governed.

On March 22 when we tune in to the daily update we would like to hear that the Government of Alberta cares about each and every citizen enough to end the lockdowns, lift the restrictions and get those masks off of everyone’s face.


Bonnie Danylyshen

Coronation, Alta.

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