Library board ‘labour of love’

The Town of Coronation approved the land use bylaw to include ‘Accessory Building – Fabric Covered’  in the ‘RA’ Residential Acreage District at their regular Nov. 28 meeting.
Council also unanimously agreed that all streets entering onto the Victoria Ave. should be consistent with stop signs rather than the five entrances that have yield signs.
Council heard from members of the Town of Coronation Memorial Library.
Two board members have resigned and Laurie Rock has volunteered for the one position.
Council also re-appointed Donna Rondeau, Janine Stannard and Linda McLarty who have served nine years and must be approved by a 2/3rds vote by council as per the Alberta Libraries Act.
Other members on the board include  chair, Val Cornell, Marilyn Polege, Jill Bossert, Diane Elliott, Liz Adams and Jackie Brigley.
The library board is asking for $500 additional dollars in their budget for 2017 but have also been fundraising to maintain the same level of service.
The summer student this year was paid for through Canada Summer Jobs for only 9 weeks rather than the usual 14 weeks so the board had to cover the unexpected remaining cost.
“Definitely, for the whole board, it’s a labour of love,” said Cornell. “They are all passionate in what we do.”
Salary/wage grid
Council agreed in a 6 – 1 vote to hold the line with salary increases for next year’s budget.
Keith Griffiths who was skyped into the meeting was the only one in favour of an increase.
Information CAO Sandra Kulyk had provided to councillors showed Canada’s Consumer Price Index as  1.5 per cent while Alberta’s is .05 per cent . In the past salary increases were based on the Consumer Price Index.
Three employees however will receive raises according to the salary grid.
Costs for benefits have gone up for employees because the insurer has been changed due to extreme cost increases by their previous insurer.
Employees pay 40 per cent of their benefits and CAO Sandra Kyluk said she would like to see the employees break even.
“I’m not comfortable with any cost of living increase,” said Coun. Jackie Brigley. “We are going to be scrambling ourselves with taxpayer dollars.
“It’s tough with people taking job cuts and the government won’t tell us the status on the carbon tax. It’s going to be ugly.”
Coun. Liz Adams agreed saying she knew of employees who have had their benefits cut.
Draft Interim budget
Council went over the 2017 Draft Interim Operating Budget and made changes before bringing it back for approval at their next meeting.
At time of preparation it is assumed the town will no longer receive a requisition from Assisted Living, a savings of $7,000.
The Coronation Regional Health Services Board (CRHS) was previously tasked with the management of the Prairie Rose Assisted Living facility.
On March 15, 2015, Alberta Health Services assumed full operational and financial responsibility for the Coronation Assisted Living Facility.  As a result, the CRHS Board no longer needs to requisition funds from the municipalities to support the facility operations.
An addition to the budget was for cold storage upgrading, annual sewer cleaning  rather than every other year, repairs to the curling rink roof, weed spraying and picnic tables and firepits for the campground.
There is nothing in the budget for any demolition projects for 2017.
Rec Centre
A great deal of discussion was held on increasing usuage of the Lion’s Rec Centre.
“Now that the heat is fixed maybe we’ll have the sewing groups coming back,” said Coun. Shelley Cook.
Discussion also involved ways to open up the bowling alley for public use on occasion.
“Would you gain anything,” said CAO Kulyk. “You would have to hire extra staff.”
“There is definitely a demand out there that we’re not meeting,” said Coun. Brigley.
Needs Assessment
Council expressed displeasure in the timing of the 4 o’clock, Dec. 1 meeting for the discussion on the new Needs Assessment report, Regional Housing Capacity Assessment.
“It’s crucial for us to be there,” said Mayor Mark Stannard, but most of us work.
Coun. Vickey Horkoff could confirm attendance, as a teacher she can plan to get away from the classroom in time to attend the 4 o’clock meeting.
The meeting was an information meeting for council members from Castor, Coronation, Halkirk and the County of Paintearth as well as the Seniors Housing Boards to learn the fundamentals of housing management bodies.
The recommendations contained in the draft Regional Housing Capacity Assessment report were discussed as they relate to the Ministerial Orders that govern the two Housing Management Bodies.
Chamber of Commerce folds
In the Nov. 14 council meeting Jodi Shipton and Lauren Reid attended to discuss the future of the Coronation & District Chamber of Commerce due to lack of finding members to fill the positions.
The Chamber is winding up affairs by the end of 2016 with no promotions planned other than the large Christmas tree which had already been donated.
Those businesses on the Chamber Benefits Plan will be transferred to a neighbouring Chamber.
Council moved to assume the management of the electronic community sign while the Chamber is in hiatus and that it be operated under the policies as established by the Chamber.

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