Liberals pushing for an election!

Dear Editor,

It’s time for all Canadians to take pause and assess the past five years of Trudeau and the Liberal Government. In spite of your political leanings, we need a reality check.

We are the only country in the G20 that has been denied a sitting Parliament in now over a year in spite of a national pandemic.

We’ve had no budget in over two years and yes, a national pandemic??

Apparently, the Liberals are now announcing one. This pandemic has offered a “free pass” to them with absolutely no credibility or exposure of the billions spent.

This government has been plagued by numerous ethical issues and remain unresolved.

International relations are weak or non existent. National resources have been ignored from the promotion of scientific knowledge due to vaccines and of course, the  never ending shut down of oil and gas transport and many other natural resources.

This type of legislation does nothing to strengthen Canada on the World Market so Canadians are the victims.

Trudeau continues to have close ties with CommunIst China and is very hesitant to oppose their behaviour.

He continues to support Huawei while most of the free world opposes their involvement.

During the past five years we have been exposed to protests of certain groups whether it be of colour, race, or gender. 

Weak leadership encourages this type of behaviour.

Perhaps we all need to review our Charter of Rights. This only encourages a fragmented country which we certainly don’t need at this time. 

With the country being literally shut down by a virus, where everyone of age, family,  education and business, the Liberals are pushing for an election.

Really, let’s spend some more money!


Gayle Smigg

Hanna, Alta.

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