Liberals’ incompetence infringes on rights, jeopardizes public safety

Canada’s Liberals have doubled down in their pursuit of a failing, lazy and lacklustre public safety policy agenda that is soft on crime but continually infringes on the rights of law-abiding firearms owners.

The objective of public safety policy should be to keep Canadians safe, full stop. Yet, under the Liberals, incidents of serious crime have increased.  

Canada’s crime rate remains high from gang, organized, and drug-related crimes. This is certainly felt in rural Canada as well, not just in large urban centres.

 Conservatives support an evidence-based policy: one that puts real criminals behind bars, targets gangs and organized crime. 

Unfortunately, the Liberals seem to be more interested in targeting farmers, hunters, and sport shooters as opposed to the real criminals. 

The Liberals have even gone as far as to propose to lessen the sentences for serious crimes and they voted against Conservative legislation that would have empowered police to effectively address gang violence.

 Earlier this month, in a small victory for firearms owners, the Liberal government was forced to extend the amnesty period to October 2023 for all the firearms banned by the May 2020 order-in-council. 

As I’ve written before, the “gun grab” is absurd.  The time focused on the unethical and baseless gun ban takes time and resources away that could be used to ensure the safety of Canadians. 

The RCMP’s National Police Federation has expressed concern about the ineffectual nature of the Liberals’ gun ban. N

PF president, Brian Sauvé stated, “the narrative is that we need to restrict gun ownership because that will curtail crime when really the evidence is that illegal gun trafficking leads to criminals owning guns, which leads to crimes with firearms.” 

The Liberals’ interest should lie with public safety and making sure Canada is a safer place because of the decisions they make. 

In a recent Standing Committee on Public Safety study, many of the witnesses eviscerated the Liberals’ strategy, and with only a few exceptions, it was made clear that the Liberal gun grab and failed policies are not doing what they say they are.  

In fact, they attack law-abiding firearms owners. 

The Liberals and their NDP collation partners are intent on pandering to leftist elites who fund their campaigns and keep them in power, instead of working for the average Canadian. 

While the further extension of the amnesty period is a small win, there are plenty of more ill-advised and self-serving Liberal decisions to fight against.  This includes the formation of the NDP-Liberal government. This marriage between two far-left entities merely confirms what we have always suspected, the left is willing to sacrifice democracy for a little bit more power, even if it is likely to bite them in the long run. 

The Conservative Party of Canada will always be the party of strong and sensible policy which ensures the safety and well-being of Canadians. 

We will be sure to continue to fight against the NDP-Liberal government’s shameful attacks on law-abiding firearms owners and their soft-on-crime agenda. Canadians deserve better. 


by Damien C. Kurek

Battle River – Crowfoot MP

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