Liberal-Bloc coverup coalition gut motion and silence victims

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Studying sadistic killers being freed from maximum security prisons

Frank Caputo, Conservative Associate Shadow Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Quebec Lieutenant, Michelle Ferreri, Conservative Shadow Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, Dane Lloyd, Conservative Shadow Minister for Emergency Preparedness, Damien Kurek, Conservative MP for Battle River-Crowfoot, and Glen Motz, Conservative MP for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner, released the following statement on the emergency meeting to address the transfer of Luka Magnotta out of maximum security prison to the same facility as Paul Bernardo.

“Today, the Liberal-Bloc coverup coalition gutted a Conservative motion at an emergency committee meeting to investigate how, after eight years of Justin Trudeau, sadistic killers are freed from maximum-security prisons.

The Bloc Quebecois and Liberals voted to have one meeting for a total of 120 minutes and slashed the witness list, blocking the Minister of Public Safety from testifying and victims’ families from sharing the trauma these transfers have caused.

Bizarrely, this occurred after the Liberals amended the original motion to expand the witness list.

“Sadistic killer Luka Magnotta, who horrifically murdered and dismembered his victim, had been freed from maximum security prison and sent to a cushy medium security facility.

This is the same prison that the Trudeau Government allowed infamous serial killer Paul Bernardo to transfer to last year.

The Liberals’ willingness to block this investigation begs the question of what other sadistic serial killers the Trudeau Government has freed from maximum security.

“Over the weekend it became even more clear that the Public Safety Minister’s office had been informed of plans for this transfer and did nothing to stop it. They also knew that this could be a possibility for other heinous murderers and did nothing to fix the system to prevent this.

“In teaming up with the Liberal Government, the Bloc Quebecois have further raised the question, “What’s the point of the Bloc in Ottawa?”

Today, the BQ demonstrated that they exist to cover up and protect Justin Trudeau from his soft-on-crime agenda, which offers sadistic murderers and rapists a comfortable life in medium security.

“Canadians deserve answers on how the Liberal government’s soft-on-crime approach, like the passing of Bill C-83, has allowed monsters like Magnotta and Bernardo to be held in the ‘least restrictive environment’.

A commonsSense Conservative government will reverse these damaging Liberal policies and keep the worst murderers in maximum security, where they belong.”

Damien C. Kurek, MP
Battle River – Crowfoot

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