Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the article, written by Katie Davis, “A new year, a new lease…”

I feed stray cats and keep a heated water bowl for them for the past few years. I wonder at people who think nothing of leaving any animal to fend for itself after they have made a pet of it and taught it to expect food, water and shelter.

What do these people think happens to these animals? And how can they sleep at night after abandoning them? Why do they think someone else will pick up where they left off?

I have five cats of my own that I feed and shelter; one of them is a rescue from Jamaica who, when she arrived in Canada, gave birth to the others. They are all spayed and I work very hard to keep them from being an annoyance to my neighbours. This means that I call them in or go after them if they don’t come when called.

My cats don’t like the strays but they put up with them because I do.

I hope there will be other articles on this topic because obviously people don’t realize exactly what they are doing when they abandon an animal. I hope that animal lovers will write and make as loud a noise as necessary until everyone realizes how cruel abandoning an animal really is.

Marrian Bertin

Castor, AB


Dear Editor,

We are writing in regards to Herman Schwenk’s article in your January 9, 2014 edition. It was titled “Making the Church more relevant.”

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility, not just Pope Francis’, to help when you see there is a need. Whether it is your neighbour down the road who’s tractor broke down, the old man with no money, the young girl who was raped or the woman who has escaped an abusive relationship with her children. Which side of the road would we walk down? What kind of example are we leading? Are we not ALL to treat others the same way we want to be treated?

There is a quote on Christian music group DC Talk’s album:

“The greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians. They go to church, then they walk out that door and get on with their lifestyle. That is what the unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.”

Pope Francis will make a difference as he follows Jesus’ message of humility, love and concern for all creation.

As for the comment “The moral decay of society,” we should all look in the mirror.

Rhonda and Ewald Steinwand,

Castor, AB


Dear Editor,

Almost everyone these days uncritically accepts that the solution to antibiotic-resistant disease is to use fewer antibiotics. What about using more antibiotics? More varieties that is.

When doctors found penicillin was losing its efficacy as our first line of defense against bacterial infections the medical community didn’t throw up its hands and use less. New antibiotics were developed!

No… not stronger antibiotics. New varieties were developed that kept us ahead of the bacteria that ail us, humans and animals alike, to the point where doctors and veterinarians now have well in excess of 100 antibiotics to rely upon in fighting infection.

But now, thanks to overregulation resulting from tax-funded lobbying by anti-antibiotic, naturopathic, homeopathic, sustainability and organic activists, pharmaceutical companies have largely abandoned the development of new antibiotics. It’s much simpler and more profitable to focus instead on treating phony ailments like attention-deficit disorder, obesity and erectile dysfunction.

There will always be those who believe we must go backwards so as to move forward. But we never stood still before. Why start now?

Let’s keep moving forward on antibiotics.


Mischa Popoff

Greenville, Texas

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