Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
We can’t decide on the photo that will work best in the paper for your special Wedding Section but please go ahead and use which ever photo you think is best.
Thank you. What a great idea and a wonderful keepsake for all our families to get in the mail.
Are you sure there is no charge or fee?
Very much appreciated.
Merry Christmas Joyce and all your wonderful staff!!!
Thank you so much.
Craig & Heather Caseley
Coronation, Ab.

Dear Editor,
This is for your Opinion page – Canadian Citizens would like to know!
Why is it that Canadians know so much yet so little! This never ceases to amaze me. Lawyers are always chosen, be it Federal or Provincial elections to lead and protect our country, our heritage and the wealth in our natural resources.
Is it because they know how to get around the law in a democratic nation?
Thank you.
Hank Abbie
Ramsey, AB

Dear Editor,
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.
In response to this devastation, the Conservative Government continues to offer assistance to the Philippines.
We deployed the Canadian Forces’ Disaster Assistance Response Team and they are providing clean drinking water and disaster relief on the island of Panay.
International humanitarian assistance is making a significant difference but the Philippines is still in much need of support.
The Government is extending the deadline for matching donations toward relief in the Philippines and will continue to match Canadian contributions dollar for dollar until December 23.  Canadians have proven to be generous and through this fund we will double their charitable contributions.
The Government also committed more than $20 million to support humanitarian organizations that are providing necessary supplies to those affected by the storm.
Canadian officials continue to monitor the situation as we remain committed to offering any possible assistance.

Leon Benoit, MP
Vegreville – Wainwright

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