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Dear Editor,
After reading the Crown News two days in a row, I posted on Facebook my opinion on what the writer wrote about the candidates.  But, since not everybody is on Facebook, I decided a letter to the editor of the ECA Review was in order.
Although I do feel that Crown News usually does a good job of informing the town about what is happening around town, the derogatory comments on council candidates were uncalled for.
In the opinion of the Crown News writer, there are only two competent people running for election and all the others were questionable to say the least.  By the way, the writer is the husband of one of the two competent people.
A newspaper is for news and information put forward in an unbiased and objective manner.  An editorial is used to state an opinion.  It may contain controversial opinions or be non-factual.  The writer of Crown News wrote an editorial.
All the candidates are to be congratulated on running and being willing to expose themselves to this type of harsh opinion.  In all the years I have lived in Coronation, I have never seen an election campaign such as this!
Coronationites are good, honest people on average and I hate to see these kind of remarks made about them.
Good luck to all the candidates, may the best men/women win.
Patricia Rovensky
Coronation, Ab.


Dear Editor,
I find it appalling that the citizens of Castor are still leaving all their recyclable flyers and unwanted mail on the counter top in the post office.
We were politely asked to please take the paper home and recycle it from there.  It is not and should not be the responsibility of the post office employees to get rid of our garbage.
Please people, grab an old grocery bag before you head out to the PO and be the first to start…others will follow!
I will not comment on the actions of the ignorant person or persons, who deposited their papers in the outgoing mail slot.

Sue Goodkey,
Castor, Ab.


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