Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

iPhones – I hate them.  We have a whole era of extreme rudeness because of them.

When did it become acceptable to ignore all the real live people around you to talk to or worse text someone else?

Kids used to gather to play or talk to each other. Now you will see them on their $#$#$#  iPhones, oblivious to anyone else.  How rude!!!

Parents give kids these phones and this easy access is where bullying starts in a lot of cases.

It’s not just kids either. Next time you are in a restaurant look around: most of the adults there are on their phones.  What is the point of a social gathering if you are so rude that you ignore the people you are sitting with.

“In the good old days” if you had company and the phone rang, you told the caller you were busy and would call them back.  Not so today!!!

I’m not against progress but I hardly think this is progress.

So next time I am where you are and you are on the phone all the time, don’t be surprised when you finally look up and I am gone.

Linda Miller, Coronation


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