Guilty to an extent; Letter of forgiveness

Dear Editor,

As a person who claims to be a “Christian” or shall I say a person who struggles to be a follower of Christ, I fall short on many occasions.  

This still gives me credence to address the shortcomings of some beliefs and responsibilities. 

During this time of unprecedented challenges we all face in the light of this pandemic, there are some who bring shame to the principles that are found in the “Good Book” God’s word.  

How is it that Christian people cannot complete the practice of charity when now is the time.  

By churches openly defying the “Law” on the grounds on the premises of “It’s all for nothing – if you and I don’t have freedom” as one Pastor was quoted.  

The freedom afforded us, came at such a great price, and so many lives lost.  The freedom that Christians have is to not think of ourselves more highly than our neighbours.  

Breaking the “Law” is contradictory to the principles of Christianity and the freedom we so much admire.  On one hand we pray (some churches do) for elected officials (our leader) for guidance and leading as instructed by scripture.  Then on the other hand, openly defy the “Law”, in my circles. This is called being a hypocrite. 

What is the point of “giving the coat off our backs” to help someone if we were to expose them to a potentially deadly sickness?  

Our selfish ambitions fall much short of the example which we are implored to follow.  

Yes, sometimes politics and deceit get in the way of true advancement of corrective action, but in general we live in a great and peaceful country where our freedom abounds, where the majority of people care for one another and work hard at helping for the common good.  

Christianity has struggled over the centuries to grasp this message, practicing what you preach. hatred, indifference, hostility, vengeance, jealousy, the list goes on.  

Following Christ’s example is not an easy task. Not being able to gather at church is far less severe than infecting others in a deadly disease.  

Jesus words are “when you go to pray, pray in your closet where people cannot see you.”  

Church is the Body of Christ, where fellowship, healing, worship and help should be at hand, but not the absolute.  

Don’t you think that the creator can look after you, your family, your country, this world?  

When the Europeans came to this country and met the natives living here, they traded with them and made peace pacts.  It did not take long for the natives to realize that some of them spoke out of “both sides of their mouth”, meaning what they said was not what they did.  

This put a great strain on their relationship.  

For the Christian community we are guilty to an extent of this shortcoming.  

May we seek your forgiveness and work together for all, for the good we have been favoured with, and the grace that has been afforded us. May we extend to you this grace living in peace with all our neighbours.


Lee Hamelin

Stettler, Alta.

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