Let’s take our freedom back

Dear Editor:
I feel once again disgusted that these so called government people believe they can do whatever they want and stuff garbage down our throats.
I received the so-called rebate to help out with this putrid carbon tax.  It says they deposited $100 in my account.  I don’t use direct deposit.
I feel totally disgraced as it will cost every individual $3000 to $5000 per year extra with this ignorant tax grab.
It is not about just heating, transportation and hydro.  Everything we buy is connected and it will go right down the line in prices rising, especially food.
To think governments think we are so stupid that we can be humiliated like this.
They stuffed the metric system, the GST, down our throats, and the list goes on, and it happened, so how did we let it.
The whole population should have marched to all parliaments and stopped this.  None of it helped the people. It just gave more money out of the public’s pockets to the government to waste, and self appoint money to themselves.
People have to realize that the great ‘picture boy’ down East is going to carbon tax us some more.  All for nothing, as people have been forced to cut corners already, or lost their homes and froze in their homes with no heat.
All I hear from everyone is how they are going to get applications to apply for reimbursement on some project.  The word is that it is government money and we sure need to take advantage of these programs.
Governments don’t have money, it is your money that was taxed from you.  They buy votes with your own money.
I never took a dime of any of this and I sure didn’t need $100 rebate on carbon tax, that is costing me $3000.
Just scrap the fraudulent carbon tax and cut government spending on jets, huge government severance packages, huge MP pensions and all the perks every form of government gives themselves.
Let us decide what those government people are worth and the debt will be cleared fast.  We may decide that you will have to be replaced especially in agriculture and see how you people like to make do.
Get off your ivory towers.
There are rumours that the Wildrose people should go to the Conservative camp.  “Hello, not again.”
That is how the NDP got into Alberta when some Wildrose renegades crawled across the floor.  Let’s not see this again.
The people of Alberta need the Wildrose party, just for the ‘freedom of change’. Maybe it won’t be better but we could have hope that the self-indulgent perks would change and we could get the carbon tax scrapped and build our own Alberta.
Temple Grandin said that no one should be told not to eat meat, but handle the livestock with common sense.  The meat is great protein for life and limb.
I quote, “Let’s take our agriculture industry back and not have some educated city person tell us how to raise livestock.  Let’s have educated livestock people govern our own industry.”
How about everyone stop complaining about this and everyone write, maybe one line, into newspapers.  When thousands of one liners hit the media about how stupid all this is, maybe we could take our lives back.
In other words, start demonstrating all over Alberta and don’t stop. Get out of the shadows and be counted.
Let’s take our freedom back before it’s too late!
Arnold McKee
Oyen, Ab.

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