Legislative session starting early

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It was thought that our second session would begin on Oct 22, after the federal election, but plans have changed and we are going back early.

Session began Tues. Oct. 8 due to a busy agenda.

Alberta’s Energy Minister, Sonya Savage recently increased the oil production limits by 10,000 barrels per day bringing down the number of producers affected by curtailment from 29 to 15.

Other exciting news on the energy file was the decision made by the Canadian Energy Regulator to update natural gas pipeline storage rules during maintenance periods.

This should reduce price volatility by allowing producers access to previously unavailable storage.

Alberta’s natural gas industry continues to navigate challenging times.

Premier Kenney is leading the charge to have actual free trade between provinces.

We have eliminated 13 exemptions to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), with plans to remove eight more and narrow two others.

We believe by removing these barriers to interprovincial trade, we will attract investment and create jobs.

Our team has met with several Cabinet Ministers who have visited Drumheller-Stettler over the past few months including the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Service Alberta, Minister of Justice and the Minister of Education.

The ripple effect of the Trident insolvency continues to plague both Stettler and Starland County.

The Keyera gas plant at Nevis has since closed and this is causing real complications and pressures to many other producers.

Rural crime, power distribution and transmission costs and concerns over the implementation Mandatory Entry the future,” he said.

Albertans are encouraged to call their local RCMP detachment if faced with trespassers.

Level Training (MELT) program for Class 1 and 2 driver’s licenses, continue to be common themes of concern.


by Nate Horner

Drumheller-Stettler MLA

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