Legion Poster & Literacy Contest names winners

Hanna Branch #25 Royal Canadian Legion sponsors a Poster and Literacy contest every year throughout the schools in the Prairie Land Regional Division. Categories include Colour Poster, Black and White Poster, Poetry and Essay. The theme for these entries is ‘remembrance’. All students in Prairie Land are eligible to enter each category to win cash prizes. Above, Legion members, from the left, Dianne Lance and John Ackermans presented Youngstown School student Courtney Caron with second place award for Intermediate Poetry, along with Legion members Brian Kirkpatrick and Deb Corry. ECA Review/Submitted

Winners from Delia School photo taken with Legion members, from the left, back row: John Akermans, Dianne Lance, Brian Kirkpatrick and Deb Corry. Front row: Alastair Fielding, 2nd for black and white poster – Junior; Lily Babulk, 2nd, black and white poster – Primary; Shaelyn Meyer, 1st, colour poster – Primary; Taryn MacDougall, 1st, black and white poster – Junior; Abryne Stanger, 2nd, poetry – Junior; Sawyer Thompson, 1st – black and white poster – Primary; and Daymond Chapman, 3rd – black and white poster. ECA Review/Submitted

Winners from Berry Creek Community School, from the left, Lucie Berg, 2nd, colour poster – Primary; Zac Slorstad- 2nd- colour poster – Junior and Jace Sulz, 3rd, colour poster – Primary. ECA Review/Submitted

Winners from J.C.Charyk Hanna School, from the left, Darah Buchwitz, 2nd, Intermediate black & white poster; Elizabeth Brady, 3rd – Junior black & white, poster; Deb Corry, Legion member Alex Sewell, 1st – Junior Essay; Macey Burns, 2nd, Junior Essay; Brian Kirkpatrick, Legion member; Rylee Rodgers, 1st – Junior poem; Dianne Lance, Legion member; Connor McLaren, 3rd – Junior essay; Scarlette Campbell, 3rd – Junior colour poster; John Ackermans, Legion member; Joryn Hil, 3rd – Junior poem; Faith Kurbis, 1st – Intermediate B&W poster and 3rd Intermediate poem; Faith Shaw , 1st – Junior colour poster; Zack Stanger, 1st – Intermediate poem; Veronica Pederson, 2nd – Intermediate colour poster; and missing, Drew Crowle, 1st – Intermediate colour poster. ECA Review/Submitted

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