Legacy track gets leg up on funding

The Town of Stettler, the County of Stettler and Clearview Public Schools met to affirm their commitment to restoring the public 1991 Legacy Alberta Summer Games running track on Fri. March 1.

The investment will renew the surface of the outdoor running and walking track in Stettler located at W.E. Hay High School.

The total projected cost is between $407,000 and $425,000, with a current financial commitment by the three local governments of $350,000 to $370,000.

Members of the organizing committee will now be meeting with communities and service groups for help to generate the remaining supports needed; approximately $40,000.

The running track in Stettler is a legacy from the 1991 Alberta Summer Games.

It has seen multiple events at almost every level of competition including zones and provincials as well as community events.

“It’s been a four or five year, on-going community discussion and there has been some frustration along the way,” said Greg Hayden, Committee Chair, “but at this point, we have actually brought the three major stakeholders that are financing the project together and other community organizations where we have actually come up with 90 per cent of the funding for the project.”

Originally expected to last only 15 years, the current age of the track is approximately double the life it was expected to have.

The current condition of the track surface including the rubberized material which has deteriorated significantly was deemed unlikely to withstand another year.

Without the collaboration and financial support of the three local governments, Stettler would have experienced a loss of the rubber surface on the track and a loss of the ability for the community and students to enjoy an excellent community asset.

With a renewed track surface, Stettler will be able to once again host track and field tournaments, including the opportunity to bring in people that may be interested in living in the area.

The new life expectancy of the refinished surface will range between 25 and 30 years, if not longer, giving everyone an outlet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Terri Huxley

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