LED light proposal on hold

Council tabled the plan for new LED lighting in downtown Coronation to give council an opportunity to discuss the monetary aspects and whether this was the best time to proceed with this project.
The project would consist of changing approximately 28 lights in the Royal Street and Victoria Avenue.
The estimated cost to change each light would be $600 for a total of $16,800 for the project.

The Coronation Campground Attendant contract is up for renewal.
The council all expressed how much hard work and care the current attendants Wendy and Jim Dafoe have put in to having the campground run smoothly over the summer months.
“They have done a great job,” commented Coun. Ron Checkel.
“It’s a passion for them,” said Mayor Mark Stannard.
As part of due process and proper protocol the position will be advertised so all interested parties will have a chance to make a proposal and express their intentions.

Parkland Library
Council accepted for information a letter from Parkland Regional Library looking at constructing or acquiring new headquarters. Currently they are located in Lacombe, Ab.
Municipal Affairs have granted 2.4 million of the projected four million cost of the project.
Parkland is looking at one or more municipalities willing to loan them money or take a loan on their behalf.
They are also looking into sharing a facility with another organization or have a builder/developer assist with lease to own options.

Sgt. Darcy McGunigal contacted Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk to inform her that the email account set up for the reporting of information relating to drug related criminal activity in the community was denied by the ‘K’ Division.
Coun. Vickey Horkoff mentioned the new fire truck will be here in December.
Counc. Horkoff also expressed appreciation on behalf of Stacey Schedlosky towards the town recreation department and crew for being so accommodating with all the date changes for the mini Olympics the grades one to six are participating in.
The Coronation Choosewell Committee had a busy 2017 and has many projects planned for 2018.
Choosewell had a walking program last February, Volleyball Camp in August and a Skate-A-Thon in Nov/Dec which raised $1209.50 for the Healthy Snack Program at the Coronation School.

New Land Use Bylaw
Coronation council passed the land-use bylaw at their regular meeting on Feb. 12 following a hearing with no responses from the public, with changes to permit applications and the appeal process.
A clause was added that a notice will be provided to applicants within 20 days indicating whether the application is complete or incomplete and the time frame for appealing a decision is now 21 days instead of 14.

Lisa Bye
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