Lease agreement with the Hanna Rod and Gun Club

The Town of Hanna council has moved to enter into a land lease agreement with the Hanna Rod and Gun Club.

The decision was made during the regular meeting held on Aug 14.

The land, described as a portion of the northwest quarter of Section 16, Township 31, Range 14, west of the fourth Meridian, will be leased by the Hanna Rod and Gun Club where the club will operate a trap shooting facility.

This is a 20-year agreement that will expire on Dec.31, 2037, but also has a termination clause for either party to end the agreement with one year’s notice prior to this expiration date.

The club is also required to provide liability coverage.

A clause regarding the maintenance of the property, which is to be done by the Hanna Rod and Gun Club, will be added to the lease as well.

The club has been operating the trap shooting facility from this location for a number of years.

There was no previous lease agreement made between the Town and the Club although administration found a draft agreement from 2005.

Giving circles

Council accepted a presentation from Laurie Armstrong and Tannis Voltner of the 100 Women Who Care Alliance Hanna Chapter.

The group has quarterly meetings where members donate $100 and listen to presentations from nominated local organizations.

Once all the presentations have been heard, the members vote and all the funds go the chosen organization.

“As individuals, it is difficult to make a very large impact, but as a group, we believe we have the ability to contribute to the growth of our communities in ways that we never before thought was possible,” states the organization’s website

“To put it simply, we are ‘giving circles’ focused on making collective gifts to local non-profits.”

“One hundred per cent of the money that comes in goes out,” said Armstrong.

The recipient of the first meeting, held in May, was Dryland Emergency Medical Services (DEMSA) where they received $5,025 towards a new vehicle.

The Royal Canadian Legion No. 25 Hanna was gifted $5,125, during the second meeting which was held on Mon. Aug. 13. This money will go towards the replacement of the south facing second story windows and door.

The 100 Women Who Care Alliance currently have 51 members, which is comprised of approximately 80 individuals.

The group will focus on building their female numbers before expanding into youth groups and possibly even a male chapter.

“My ask is that you help spread the word, and help us get more members,” said Armstrong.

“The more members we have, the stronger we will be and the thought of getting, a minimum, of 100 people in an hour, donating $100.

“Five thousand almost brings them to tears. Ten thousand can make a huge impact on these groups.”

Tree inventory

Grace Curry presented a Public Tree Inventory report to council, which was accepted as information. Curry also presented mapping software she used to document the trees.

The software was used to give each tree an identification number and important information such as GPS location, species, age, condition, maintenance records and even photos.

“This helps us in our discussions and planning when we are looking at the parks,” said Director of Community Services Gwen Snell. “It really becomes a big planning tool for us.”

The document includes summaries of individual parks and the maintenance priority of each.

There are three high priority parks; Fox Lake Campground, the Hanna Museum and Hector King Hunter Pioneer Park all of which will require attention.

There is approximately 615 trees and 50 bushes located on the town’s boulevards, while there are approximately 1831 trees and 344 bushes in parks and green spaces.

Curry, who was hired through funding from the Summer Work Experience Green Jobs Initiative, has completed many projects for the Town of Hanna since starting in May 2018, including the Tree Bylaw and the Tree Maintenance and Care Manual.


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