Leading cause of death for Blacks

Dear Editor,

Throughout the recorded history of the world, slavery has been a method of obtaining labourers in order to produce food, clothing and shelter for the citizens of a country.

For most of us who attended Sunday School or Church the story of the slavery of God’s people, the Israelites, is well known.

For a period of 400 years, the descendants of Abraham laboured under the domination of the Egyptians, enduring the sting of the whip and the shame of captivity.

The Biblical account contains an almost hidden example of Racist Eugenics which began when the Israelites increased in population to the extent the Egyptians began to fear their numbers.

The method of handling this problem was to kill all the male babies born to the Hebrews and in so doing decrease their population to a more comfortable number.

Now I am not writing this letter in order to teach a Sunday School lesson but to bring to our attention a type of slavery that is taking place in the Black population, especially in the United States.

Through the media, we are constantly reminded that Black Lives Matter which implies that whites do not think they do.

What I want to ask is this: if Black lives really matter to the Black population of any county, why is there not a movement against the overzealous aborting of black babies?

The following is a quote from the Arizona Capital Times which states: “According to the Guttmacher Institute, which generally supports abortion, in 2011 360,000 black babies were aborted.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics for 2011 show that 287,072 black deaths occurred from all other causes excluding abortion.

By these numbers, abortion is the leading cause of death among Blacks.

These numbers are more than shocking or should be to all Black people.

To some of you this means nothing but I want to suggest that when any group of people reduce their numbers in this manner they are in danger of sacrificing the best as well as the imperfect.

This was more than evident when the slave traders moved into Africa and with the help of the Africans invaded villages, taking the best of those living there, selling them to the Europeans and Central Americans as slaves.

It took many, many years for those African areas to recover and some never did.

It seems to me this is the very thing the African American society is doing to themselves.

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger 1879-1966, had a purpose for encouraging abortions.

Basically it was to eliminate the Blacks from the United States altogether because she considered them inferior and a blight on society.

Although she passed away years ago, abortion clinics run by this organization still set up clinics in Black neighbourhoods, an every day service, Centers and encourage Black women and girls to abort their babies.

This reeks of Racist Eugenics.

To all Black Live Matters and their supporters, I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is. Start a new campaign, perhaps naming it STBB which stands for ‘Save The Black Babies’.

That is something I would be willing to support!


Faye Pearson,

Stettler, Alta.

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