Lawyer bill payment ruffles feathers

At the beginning of the Sept. 8 meeting when speaking about the last meeting’s minutes, Coun. Kerrilynn Mose noted her dissatisfaction with a specific motion that was carried.

It was in regards to $1,733.78 in legal fees from the Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer firm for a confidential matter.

She wanted the minutes to note she was not in favour of paying this.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate said she was unaware of this but also stated that if a councillor wishes to have a recorded vote, it must be requested prior to the vote happening.

“We had a complete conversation about her not being in favour of it,” said Dep. Mayor Rob Aellen.

 “That’s a new rule I wasn’t aware of. I will not be making that mistake again,” said Coun. Mose.

Council made an amendment to the minutes, changing to have the vote recorded as 2 – 1 in favour of paying the bill.

Municipal stimulus funding

CAO Wesgate was in touch with Ms. Tamara Sloboda and found her ‘rates to be reasonable.’

It was recommended council conduct an online meeting with her to find out council’s feelings and goals for the future.

A plan the village was working on prior to the COVID upset has since ‘fell by the wayside’ so the hope is with this meeting they can get back on track to figuring out what their priorities are.

Council passed a motion to hire Ms. Sloboda to undertake an application through the ‘Municipal Stimulus Program’ to fund eligible projects

Hail costs

At no additional cost to the village, the municipality can now upgrade the Library roof from shingles to metal under their incentive program.

The IT department was contacted to clarify if a metal roof would adversely affect Wifi services there. It was advised no issues were anticipated, however, if problems were encountered, amendments could be made to the Wifi system.

Franchise fees

Each year, ATCO submits an annual review of franchise fees for gas services to the community.

The village receives $15,669 in revenue at 16 per cent rate.

Council chose to leave the fees as is for the 2021 year.

Pump station engineering

Chad Carmichael of Tagish Engineering sent in a pre-design of new the pump station.

Council passed a motion to approve the pre-design cost of $30,032, conditionally on confirmation on purchasing land.

It was noted the benefits of doing this initial design allows the village to provide input prior to the final design negating the need and cost of preparing an engineered design and making amendments specific to their needs.

It also includes the electrical component for the facility and will provide the data that determines the size of the generator required.


Terri Huxley

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