Laundromat closes its doors

Firstly, I am saddened to announce that the Alix Laundromat has been permanently closed due to the Village of Alix cancelling our easement agreement which encompasses a portion of the sidewalk that gives access to the laundromat, an agreement that has been in place since 1999.
It allowed for us to have side door access to our building which housed our Laundromat.
Cancelling the easement agreement leaves approx. 17 inches of the sidewalk for access to the laundromat which is not enough width for pedestrian traffic carrying bags or baskets of laundry.
The Alix Home Hardware Garden Centre, however, still remains on the land and the Village of Alix has to date not brought forward any action, to my knowledge, to enforce their decision to have it removed.
Home Hardware was ordered by village council back in June 2016 to remove the garden centre and in November 2016, council voted that the Home Hardware was trespassing. Council further denied Peterson’s appeal of their decision.
Mr. Jenkins is reported as saying in the ECA Review article titled: Business dispute divides village, Dec 1, pg. “the village has never denied access to any sidewalk to Alix Shoppes at any time. “The assertions being made that the village is attempting to shut down this business is not the case. The village is trying to grow business and improve cooperation throughout our community.  CAO Jenkins added that the village has acted in good faith in all its dealings with Alix Shoppes.”
I don’t feel as though Mr. Jenkins has acted in good faith with his dealings with us as the Laundromat is now closed. The registered letter sent to us by Mr. Jenkins clearly states that after Feb. 10, 2017, we will no longer have an easement agreement that will give us adequate pedestrian access to the side door of our building.
It also states that we must remove any improvements and return the land to its original state or the town will do it at a cost to us. Our sidewalk encroaches onto the village-owned lot referred to in the Easement Agreement and according to the letter sent to us by Troy Jenkins (CAO) it will need to be removed, all but for approx. 17 inches.
It was reported in the same newspaper article that:  “Peterson claimed when he and Marcel went up to measure where the fence should be he was “verbally and almost physically accosted by another man.”
We never measured anything with Curt Peterson and we have never witnessed anyone verbally or physically accost him. The RCMP have never contacted us about any assault on Mr. Peterson which I’m sure they would have, had a report been filed.
This claim has had a negative impact on our business. We have had several customers come in, upset that this altercation took place. Although we’ve been told it did take place, but some weeks later and we were not a witness to the altercation.
The Laundromat has been a part of Alix since the mid 1940’s.  It’s sad to see it go.
It was a family-owned and operated business that so many people in town relied on. During the summer months there would be a line up of people waiting to use it.
People would come from other towns to use it, as our prices were so low. Visitors staying at the campground,  Joffre workers staying at the motels, rig workers and so many town residents that don’t have a washer or dryer in their homes.
Alix has lost another business and service and our family has lost income.
Marcel & Malonie Grimard,
Alix, Ab.

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