Last minute tax cut a sigh of relief

With a sudden increase in revenue from a couple of unlikely sources, Bashaw town council has been able to cut their original taxes by 2.78 per cent.

At the regular meeting on May 2, it was discovered a total of $22,000 was coming back into the town’s hands as the Highway 12/21 Regional Water Commission has a maximum of $30,000 in their reserves, thus returning back $17,000.

The remaining $5,000 in revenue came from Camrose County as funding for recreational purposes.

Council felt adding some unrestricted reserve money to offset the current taxation was needed, thus an additional $8,000 was taken from reserves to provide a total of $30,000 to cut the tax rate down to 2.77 per cent from 6.58 per cent.

The original motion from April 24’s meeting to pass the 2019 budget was rescinded followed by a new motion to approve the adjusted budget including the decreased taxes.

“A lower tax rate is going to be much easier to swallow for taxpayers,” said Rosella Peterman, deputy mayor.

“It gets us down to slightly above the range of inflation so it’s reasonable now,” added Coun. Rob McDonald.

Rogers Communications Tower Site request

Rogers, a telecommunications company has taken an interest in the Town of Bashaw after a request was given to town administration.

They asked to build a communications tower on town land located on the same lot as the septic receiving station.

Permission must take place in order for them to approve or deny the project in the future so Council gave permission as part of this process.

The beginning of the development process is yet to take place as an application sparks this but compensation is expected to be around $10,000 per year paid monthly once construction begins and a 20-year contract will be put in place, being reviewed every five years.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller mentioned that the extra lease funds would be helpful to operating costs but anyone that is opposed to the project will have an opportunity to speak their mind when a public hearing is determined at a future meeting.

Public Works did have a concern with the amount of space that site contains as trucks will have less space to turn and move as needed when unloading.

Many issues are expected to be handled when the proper development application is submitted by the company.

Coun. Rob McDonald said it was a “no brainer” and Coun. Lynn Schultz commented, “I like the revenue side.”

Tennis/Pickleball Court Funding Source

Back at the Sept. 6, a motion to approve the Tennis and Pickleball court was passed.

In it, it was missed as to where the funding was to be drawn out of although councillors did have a recollection of a conversation surrounding it.

Unrestricted Surplus will be used to fund the $30,324 project which council unanimously approved the motion.

On top of this, the recreation board has also applied for a matching grant but it will not be known if they receive it until later in the year.

Bashaw Golf Course and Country Club Financial Statements

The Bashaw Golf Course and Country Club’s financial statements were accepted by council.

“Overall, they seem to be doing quite nicely,” said CAO Fuller.

Rowland, Parker & Associates LLP conducted the audit.


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