‘Large scale altercation’ breaks out at Drumheller Institution between rival gangs

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A large-scale altercation broke out in the courtyard of the Medium Security Unit at the Drumheller Institution (Correctional Service of Canada) between members of rival gangs on July 20, 2021, at 9:44 p.m.

This incident resulted in four inmates with stabbing injuries being transported to outside medical facilities.

No staff were injured in resolving the incident.

Drumheller RCMP General Investigation Section (GIS) with the assistance of the Drumheller Institution (Correctional Service of Canada) have investigated the circumstances of the incident.

The investigation has been completed and 10 accused have been identified.

Daniel Loscombe (37) has been charged with assault and participate in riot.

Omar Haji-Hussein (36), Gatluak James (24), Ryan Foster (40), Manjot Hans (23), Deibi Monterroso-Salazar (33) and Robert Laing (32) have each been charged with assault with a weapon and participate in riot.

Shortly after the courtyard incident, another stabbing took place inside a nearby building.

As a result, Melvin Skeete (27) and Christian Lyamuremye (32) have each been charged with assault with a weapon and Mohamed Ibrahim (22) has been charged with assault.

A warrant for arrest has been issued for Daniel Loscombe as he is currently on release and the remaining accused have been issued court dates for November 19, November 26, and December 17, 2021, in Drumheller Provincial Court.

As these matters are now before the courts, no further details surrounding the incident will be provided.


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