Lakeside Residential Area introduced

Alix Council began their regular council meeting on July 25 with a decade old delegation from Dale Russell, owner and realtor of Remax Real Estate Central Alberta.

Mr. Russell’s delegation was to discuss with Council, in general terms, possible future uses of this 45 acres of land adjacent to Alix Lake. He had raised the idea of having land developed into an RV campground while council brainstormed about a multi-acre residential lot area.

Council has directed Administration to continue working with Mr. Russell on the development of a proposal for future use of the

area. The proposal would then be brought back to Council for further consideration.

Lot Consolidation Concerns

Malonie and Marcel Grimard of Alix raised concerns about their property being improperly assessed at a lower value. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White recommended council to choose the option to not reimburse the couple for taxes or equity.

The CAO explained the difficulty and ‘incredibly labour intensive’ nature of comparing 615 land files to land titles to see if council has chosen to find and notify anyone who has gone through a similar situation as the Grimards. Council chose to make no resolution at this time.

Sharon Frazer filed four individual noise complaints from July 5 to July 18 regarding the Western Canadian Watercross Association taking residence at the lake for a short period of time to conduct races.

Mayor Rob Fehr added that he sat at the shoreline and tracked how high the decibels were during the race and determined the noise level was over the threshold but not for extended periods of time.

“They revved it right up and my metre read up to 81.6 decibels but it was not a long period, it was probably 15 seconds,” stated Fehr.

Council agreed to take the letters in as information.

Windows Installation Requests

Both the Alix Fire Department and Alix Public Library have asked council for permission to renovate village buildings to have windows installed.

The Fire Department uses a loft space within the hall for various training and meeting purposes. They explained that the room becomes extremely hot as there is no cross breeze or air movement.

They wish to install two windows, one on the opposing side of the other, to create air circulation. Council made a motion to approve the request and would fund up to $1,200 from this year’s capital budget to the project.

The Library voiced their concerns for the need of an escape window in case of an emergency and to comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) codes.

“We are hoping with the addition of this emergency egress window the library will be able to at least use the basement for some activities instead of having the space be used as storage only,” said Nancy Wadd, Alix Public Library Board Chairperson.

Council passed a motion to approve the request and provide up to $2,000 from the reserve library fund upon receiving an engineering report.


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