Lakeland Rodeo contestants win top titles

The 40th annual Lakeland Rodeo Association (LRA) Showdown Finals were held in St. Paul from Thurs. Aug. 31 to Sun. Sept. 2.

This was where Tanner Eno of Coronation, Ab. made his mark and continued to walk in his father’s footsteps.

The 19-year-old has seen, on average, as many as four rodeos in one weekend across Canada and even into the United States.

No ride is ever the same for a bull rider.

“That’s the problem about rodeo too, is that it’s up and down. It’s humbling because you win one weekend and the next weekend you don’t do good,” said Eno.

Eno eats, breathes and sleeps thinking about bull riding.

His fall-back is carpentry which he plans to attend post-secondary for later on.

“That’s all I think about,” said Eno. “I don’t ride bulls just to ride bulls. I plan to make a living at it and you can make a living at it, it’s just that you got to get there in my opinion and I’ve heard it from my dad. It’s like a ladder, you got to hit every rung right? And the LRA and the FCA and the WRA – they are all apart to get to where you want to go so you have to win where you are at or go to the next one. Don’t matter how quick you go up the ladder, you just got to hit every one.”

Tanner Eno makes a daring ride on one of the rank bulls supplied at the Lakeland Rodeo Association Showdown Finals.
Photo courtesy of Wildwood Imagery

The three-year rookie has racked up $17,000 in earnings this year, becoming a season leader.

“It’s been going good,” continued Eno. “There’s been lots of goods and lots of bads and things that I’ve learnt from but if it went good every time then why would you do it right? “You learn from everything and push to be better but I hopefully will get off this rung of the ladder and get up to my next level.

During the LRA Showdown Finals, the young cowboy won second the first night, first the second night, second the third night, and then won the fourth night as well as the average.

The showdown lets competitors enter on a clean slate using pure talent accumulated throughout the event to do the talking.

“You all just show up there and lay it all out on the line. There’s no ‘This person made this much money, you can’t catch him.’ It’s whoever does the best there wins,” said Eno.

This is simply a stepping stone to riding bulls full-time.

Others from the Coronation area who participated include: Nick Brigley in the Junior Bull event, Cauy Schmidt for Boys Steer Riding, and Kegan Bishell of Consort for Boys Steer Riding as well. Bishell ultimately won the Boys Steer Riding.


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