Lakeland College tour by Paintearth 4H Beef Club members

Grace Weeks admires a week old dairy calf at Lakeland College during the tour taken by the Paintearth 4H beef club members on March 2.







Paintearth 4H beef club members and families stand by the beef handling system at Lakeland College including, from the left, back row: Susan, Gerald, and Spencer Doolaege, Garrett Compton, Adam Fuller and Carol Freimark. Front row: Grace Weeks, Kelton Doolaege, Baylee Freimark, Ryder Fuller and Alex Fuller.


The Paintearth 4H Beef Club has been busy this year learning lots about the beef industry and helping our community.
On Nov. 12 we went to my place, Gerald Doolaeges’, to weigh in the steers from the 11 members of our club.
At the end of January we had a pizza party and watched a movie called Temple Grandin. She is a famous Animal Scientist who has autism.
She has helped the beef industry by designing cattle handling facilities all over the world. Her designs are humane and efficient.
If you have a curved cattle handling system chances are Dr. Grandin probably influenced the company who built it.
Our president, Garrett Compton not only takes charge of the monthly 4H meetings but he was an excellent chairman for our public speaking competition held Feb. 12 where the following winners were announced.
Senior: 1st – Spencer Doolaege
Intermediates: 1st – Baylee Freimark, 2nd – Abby Fuller, 3rd – Codi James.
Juniors: 1st – Nola Fuller, 2nd – Cort James, 3rd – Kelton Doolaege.
On March 6, Abby Fuller went on to win first in Intermediates at the District Public Speaking competition.
Our club helped the arena board with the New Years’ Eve supper setting up tables and we also helped the Castor Golf Club with the fall supper and casino event.
We toured Lakeland College in Vermilion on March 2 to see the college dairy and their robotic milker plus the beef calving facility with the animal welfare approved Silencer squeeze and Bud box crowding pen, sheep barn with newborn lambs and the trades classrooms and shops.
If you need to train to be a welder, pipefitter or heavy duty mechanic, we saw some great resources at the college.
I liked the automotive shop where they were fixing cars and semi trucks. They have so many tools and no shortage of broken equipment to work on.
Over the next few months we are busy training and feeding our market steer projects and completing our record books so we can calculate if we are making money feeding calves this year.
I hope everyone continues to eat beef so our families can keep raising healthy animals to supply it!

by Kelton Doolaege

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