Lacombe and County embraces mattress recycling program

A couple of tossed mattresses occupy a landfill. ECA Review/Submitted
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A couple of tossed mattresses occupy a landfill. ECA Review/Submitted

With the help of a $36,500 grant from Dow, the Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission (LRWSC) is excited to announce a new mattress recycling program.

Launching October 19, 2020, the program will divert mattresses from local landfills, allowing them to be recycled.

“Mattresses take up valuable landfill space because they aren’t able to be compacted and often get tangled up in landfill equipment,” explained Jay Hohn, LRWSC Commission Manager.

“Recycling the mattresses is a great diversionary tactic employed by the commission, and we are very appreciative of Dow Canada to fund the one-year pilot project to get us started fully.”

Over the next year, LRWSC will set up collection bins at all sites, and construct a building at the Prentiss Landfill facility to house the mattresses.

During the pilot project, the mattresses will be collected for free.

They will be shipped to a Calgary facility, where they will be dismantled and recycled for a fee, covered for the first year by Dow Canada’s grant.

Instead of decomposing for over 80 years in a landfill, the collected mattress materials will be transformed into new materials for new products.

“Because of their bulky nature, mattresses take up valuable space in local landfills, and will shorten the lifespan of these facilities,” said Hohn, adding that each year, approximately 1,000 are discarded at LRWSC transfer stations.

During the one-year pilot project, LRWSC and Lacombe County will look for opportunities to partner with other organizations to ensure long-term financial arrangements are in place or develop a user-pay system for mattress recycling.

LRWSC owns and operates five solid waste management facilities within the Lacombe County boundaries.

They have transfer sites at or near Eckville, Bentley, Alix/Mirror, Spruceville, and a transfer site and Class 3 landfill at its Prentiss location.



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