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I have just watched the videos and read the articles by Jill Croteau regarding Taylor Argent’s death at Serenity Ranch. They included a short interview with our Minister of Health Fred Horne.
I am hoping that the issues of addiction and lack of regulation will now be taken seriously as a provincial and Canada wide problem. It seems to be one of those issues that has no real direction with government controls in place for regulations, policies and procedures.
Substance abuse and addiction does not have an age limit nor is there one specific drug causing problems. Lack of control on private rehab centre’s has created a situation where anyone or any group could open their doors and call themselves a rehabilitation centre. Surely this has to be a concern for families looking for help for family members suffering addiction.
In the short interview with Minister Horne that is on the videos, he said there is no way of knowing how many private centre’s there are in Alberta.  I know that as a citizen I can go on the internet and find lots of information on private centre’s in Alberta and even Canada wide private centre’s.
As our Minister of Health I would sincerely request to Minister Horne, that this issue is not one that is swept under the carpet. This is a topic that requires legislation put in place by the government to require all private centre’s to be registered with the government and pass strict policies and procedures, along with accreditation in order to open their doors to people suffering addiction. Annual accreditation would mean that every centre would be inspected before being re-accredited.
If the Government had more control over anyone trying to open a rehabilitation centre, families like the Argent’s would not have had to suffer the loss of their son. Families would be able to seek out safe centre’s for the addict in their family.
With what goes on at Serenity Ranch, the lack of staffing on a 24 hour basis that are properly trained and educated, Taylor Argent would never have lost his life. Jim Gray seems to shrug it off and blame addiction for the cause. In fact it was and still is the lack of proper care and supervision for their clients that caused Taylor’s death. Mr. Gray spoke of the thousands of people they have helped, but did not speak of all the clients that have died while in their care and all of the clients that relapsed right after leaving their centre.
Any one that is educated in the field of substance abuse and addiction will tell you that there should never be anything accessible to clients that could in any way cause them harm. Serenity Ranch leaves garages and sheds open and clients unsupervised. This is a huge red flag for clients to freely walk into these buildings and have access to everything including things like anti-freeze which is the product that killed Taylor Argent, along with the lack of care or concern when he became seriously ill.
I am asking Minister Horne to take this seriously and bring this whole issue to the Legislative Assembly. Perhaps the drafting of a Bill with all of the requirements that have to be met before any Centre could open would be the right thing to do for Alberta and across Canada.
Brenda Herzog
BSc. Substance Abuse and Addiction, BA. Psychology, Certified Addiction Counsellor II, BSW, Certified Life Coach

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