Kneehill holds line on county taxes

Mike Morton, Director of Corporate Services for Kneehill County presented several documents to council for approval at the Apr. 26 meeting.

The 2016 operating budget will see revenue of $38.3 million and expenses of $29.3 million. The excess of $9 million will be transferred to projects for the 2016 Project and Capital Budget, which totals $21.4 million. Of that, $7.2 million is carried over from 2015.

The largest capital projects include gravel acquisition and road projects, equipment, completion of new administration/medical building, bridge and water projects.

No tax increase
Property mill rates will remain the same for 2016 with residential at 2.803766, farmland at 6.84 and non-residential at 12.730768.

Both the Trochu Recreation Area Special Tax Bylaw 1701, which nets $45,000 for Trochu and Bylaw 1702-Water Service Area Special Tax Rate, which generates approximately $1.2 million for the county were both approved.

Aging in place in Linden
Westview Care Community’s Chairman of the Board Murray Baerg and Managing Director Gideon Berniko approached council to request financial assistance to renovate dining rooms in the care lodge.

Formerly Linden Nursing Home, the non-profit facility was started in 1944 by three Mennonite congregations. It currently offers independent living, assisted living, a palliative suite and provides meals on wheels to the community.

The home cares for 37 long-term residents, 24 assisted living residents and operates with 80 employees and about 30 volunteers.

According to Berniko, although the facility contracts with Alberta Health Services, minimal funding over recent years has left the facility short of funds for capital projects.

“We have around $5000 in donations toward projects,” Berniko explained for upgrades to windows, flooring, lighting, seating and a steam table, “We want this to be a home for these folks.”

Currently, dining rooms are designated by the level of care residents require. Berniko says they would like to change that so that all dining rooms can serve residents regardless of level of assistance they require. The total cost for the dining room project is $30,000.

Council tabled a decision on providing funding until they have further information about the facility.

No chickens for Wimborne
Permission was denied for a resident of Wimborne to keep chickens within the hamlet. The resident had requested to keep up to six laying hens in their yard.

Kneehill’s land use bylaw specifies that livestock, which includes poultry, cannot be kept within any hamlet. The animal control bylaw 1467 also stipulates the same unless special permission is granted.

Council requested that administration bring back amendments to the animal control bylaw to bring it in line with the land use bylaw to eliminate the conflicting wording.

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