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In September, over 1,200 signatures were collected and sent to Municipal Affairs in an attempt to draw attention to Kneehill County.

Ratepayers gathered at various meetings held by the group ‘Urban and Rural Kneehill County’ to further understand what has been going on at the municipal level.

The large number of signatures was in response to a few actions the County had taken in the last couple of years including the County’s fire strategy, pulling the Regional Resources Urban Sustainability Grant, the Churchill Water Service Area Project, and the hiring of a new county peace officer.

The government had 45 days to decide whether or not to further look into how the county conducts business once the signatures were delivered.

On Nov. 15, Municipal Affairs confirmed they will be conducting a preliminary review complete with document review and interviews.

“We take the inspection process very seriously. There are a number of steps to go through before we begin a formal inspection.

“With Kneehill County, we’re at the preliminary stage of this request – there hasn’t been a formal inspection ordered at this time,” a ministry spokesperson said.

They further explained that interviews are in the process of being scheduled.

Although Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Al Hoggan has announced his resignation from the County, the dates proposed to do the interviews will align with his schedule as the hiring process begins.

Once the preliminary review is complete, they will determine if they will pursue a formal inspection.

“Now that we’ve received the petition, and it’s been verified, our next step is to undertake a preliminary review into the concerns of the petitioners.

“This includes a review of municipal documents, as well as interviews with members of council, the Chief Administrative Officer and the petitioners,” they said.

They expect to complete the preliminary review in early 2019.


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