Kneehill County 10-year-old lands prominent role in Joe Pickett TV series

Written by Terri Huxley

Vivienne Guynn in the trailer for her first day on set of Joe Pickett. ECA Review/Submitted

Vivienne Guynn, a young girl from Kneehill County near Carbon, Alta. area has followed her dreams by pursuing and landing a role for a TV series book adaptation of Joe Pickett.

Guynn stars as April Keeley for nine episodes.

She worked on set for approximately five hours per day during the summer, building many strong relationships with those involved with the production.

“I think it went really well,” said Guynn. “I really liked the riding lessons with the horse. It was really fun because I met a bunch of cool people like Jerry Duce, Leah Gibson, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Michael Dorman and it was a great experience.”

Her mother, Misty, shared with the ECA Review that many of the jobs were sourced locally and across Canada to make production happen within COVID-19 guidelines.

“It affects communities like ours. There are people out in Hanna, there are people out in Pine Lake and if they don’t come then those jobs don’t exist and the opportunities aren’t made available,” said Misty.

The scenes took place in Kananaskis Country in the southern corner of Alberta.

The Grade 5 student worked alongside some of the main actors and actresses like Julianna Guill and New Zealand native Michael Dorman.

Initially in 2018, Guynn had the opportunity to be a background person for this birthday episode of a show called The Teacher which she enjoyed, especially the food involved.

“I told my mom that I wanted to do acting more because I like the food,” said Guynn.

For this role, her agent at Detail Talents was able to find the role for her to audition for Joe Pickett. It took about a year of dedication to land the gig.

“[Acting] makes me feel like I’ve done something good like I’m famous. It makes me feel accomplished and the paycheque. 

“I really liked making friends on set and I liked riding horses and petting the animals on set,” she said.

The show has yet to be released in Canada so not much can be revealed at this point but eventually, it will be launched and streamed on Paramount+.


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