Kill Bill 6, not family farms

Dear Editor,
In response to article in the Western Producer, “Benefits of farm workplace insurance” by Toby Malloy dated Dec. 24, 2015.

The farm workplace insurance (WCB) that the Alberta government wants in place for Albertan farm workers is the worst insurance anyone could have.


WCB covers a person only on the job – not to or from work or at home, etcetera.

It is the responsibility of “any employee in any profession” to look after having their own insurance for injury, sickness, etcetera, just as employers do.

There is injury insurance that covers a person 24 hours a day at work, home, in Canada and anywhere else in the world.  Even better yet, it is cheaper.

One such example, for $500, a person can get year round injury coverage whereas Alberta WCB costs $800 a year, however that coverage is only while on the job.

Call any insurance company and you will soon realize that WCB is the worst coverage any person could have.

It is disappointing that Toby Malloy implies that “the stress related to loss of income and loss of purpose combine to create feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that can contribute to psycho-social and emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, addiction and family violence”.

This applies to anyone who is employed in any profession.

If family farms and the agricultural industry are to survive and continue to provide some of the best and cheapest food to our fellow Albertans, Canadians and other countries around the world, Bill 6 needs to die instantly.

Kill Bill 6, not family farms.

I helped run a third generation mixed farm,

Eileen Walker,
Strathmore, Ab.

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