Kenny – Private versus public interests?

Re: “The reason many doctors are so upset is the lack of trust” by Luke Peters.

It’s not just rural doctors who are upset with the Kenny government. It’s the whole public sector (teachers, doctors, nurses, professors, social workers, etc.) that is upset with a government that doesn’t support its civil servants. 

Kenny must have graduated from the same school as Trump. No consultation. No negotiations. Unilateral decisions. Misinformation and propaganda. 

Where was the consultation with the public on the closing of public parks, and the sale of crown lands to private business interests? 

Before he and his party won the election, Kenny promised an open, transparent government.

For example, he railed against the NDP’s energy program, claiming he would revitalize the energy sector  knowing full well that prices for oil and gas were set by outside forces (Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, OPEC, and the US).

Kenny talks about balancing the books, yet he created a “war room” bureaucracy to “protect the energy sector” to the tune of $3 million per year (was $30 million per year, but he had to backtrack because of so much flack from the public). 

Where did he get the money for that new office? Does he not have a minister responsible for energy and natural resources?

Plus, he has a personal staff of 19 people that costs the taxpayers $2.9 million per year. 

Where does he get the money for such a large staff? 

He gets it by cutting the financial resources to public education (salaries for teachers and staff, transportation, special education, etc.), to doctors, to nurses, to social service programs (FCSS; AISH, etc), to law enforcement (local level), to firefighter training programs, and to rural municipalities. 

However, he had the money (over a billion dollars) to support a pipeline project to the United States. 

Where did he get the money?

Consequently, services to the public will go down while user fees and local property taxes will go up. 

However, he has increased funding to private schools. 

When did the people of Alberta give the provincial government  the right to support private schools? Was there a referendum? 

Kenny seems to have money for private purposes but cries poverty when it comes to funding the public sector.  

He is pushing private health care at the expense of universal health care in our province. 

Private health care in the US is the “goose that lays the golden eggs” for doctors, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the lawyers who defend them. 

It’s a system that actually costs twice as much as our public health care system. It’s a cottage industry that makes over $3 trillion per year for those special interests, and that’s why the private health care lobby fights so hard to prevent universal health care from getting a foothold in America. 

By the way, 60 per cent of all bankruptcies in America are due to medical costs. Is that a situation that we want for Canadians? 

What is Kenny’s agenda? 

To create a Texas North? To create his own police force? To create his own pension system? To support private business interests over those of the general public? 

George Thatcher

Three Hills, Alta.

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