‘Just doesn’t cut it’

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Dear Editor,

This letter is to express my dismay and shock that a County of Paintearth councillor, the Reeve of the County no less, would express such a derogatory unprofessional statement as reported in the ECA Review regarding the position for the Agricultural Service Board (ASB).

My point of view, however, likely doesn’t have merit as I am a retired professional and now ‘just a housewife’.

My surprised opinion though, is that you, Mr. Schulmeister, would be so cavalier about a person who has served your community with such integrity, intelligence and leadership for so many years, leaves me wondering where you’ve been for the last 40 years.

A worthy councillor would simply have named the successful candidate.

Sorry sir, but a letter of apology just doesn’t cut it.

You won’t ever make a come-back from the ‘housewife’ remark making the implication that the lady in question, Marilyn Weber, is a lesser and unworthy human being with a lack of pertinent knowledge because she is just a lowly housewife.

How disappointing.


Sylvia Wold, Housewife

Alliance, Alta

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