Juggling budget and reserves

Associate Superintendent Peter Neale presented Clearview board trustees with the fall draft budget and a plan for the use of reserves in 2017-18 at the Nov. 16 board meeting.
Prepared from all enrollment and staffing information as of Nov. 6, 2017, the budget assumes no increases in compensation for staff and no significant changes in operations.
Recommendations offer strong supports, with over $611,893 in direct benefits to schools and students, providing a strong emphasis on supports for higher needs students and professional learning supports for school-based staff.
A deficit of $1,431,527 is projected for the 2017-18 budget.
On October 17, 2017, Clearview’s directors and senior leadership conducted a workshop to review reserves and provide recommendations to the trustees.
According to the budget report, Clearview has been drawing down on reserves in a planned manner to meet operational needs.
Since August 2010, total operating reserves are projected to decrease by 57 decrease or $2,805,660 (from $4,928,941 at August 2010 to $2,123,281 at August 2018).
As projected, at the end of 2017-18 the ability to continue with the current operating model may be challenged due to lack of resources.
Lower funding increases, current government funding uncertainties and the continuing rise of non-controllable expenditures are putting financial stress on the system.
A decline in student enrollments, along with the increases in costs and funding concerns, will impact services to students in the current and future years.
Reductions in services could include staffing, centralized support services and the ability to maintain transportation routes and school facilities.
The board has requested that schools ensure their expenditure plans reflect a spending down of reserves to the greater of three er cent of their operating budget or $20,000.
Schools will be resubmitting their plans to meet the government’s November 30, 2017 deadline.

Focus on student success
The draft Annual Education Results Report and Three-Year Strategic Plan were presented to trustees by Superintendent Barron and Deputy Superintendent MacDonald.
Required by Alberta Education, these annual reports, highlight the successes of the past year, and outline how Clearview’s strategic plan strengthens operations.
The Board has used the results reported in the document to develop the Education Plan.
Clearview’s first priority is to be the “first-choice” for students and families in our communities.
They strive to create a learning environment so engaging, so enviable and so successful that parents and students will choose Clearview schools over any other education alternatives.
Priority two is to ensure success for all students through appropriate interventions.
The final results report and strategic plan is expected to be finalized on Nov. 30.

Supporting families in need
Clearview Public Schools will donate $1000 to the three area food banks to support families in need.
The Board of Trustees uses this opportunity during the holiday season to provide a donation to the local food banks on behalf of Clearview staff, in lieu of staff gifts.
Funds will be divided between the food banks based on student populations across division.

Linda Stillinger
ECA Review

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